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About UM Sports

Dedicated to the science of sports nutrition

UM Sports, formerly known as Urban Muscle, has been a trusted Australian Sports Nutrition family business since 2006. Our aim is to create innovative and high-quality supplements that are dedicated to the science of sports nutrition.

With our origins as Brisbane's first and longest-standing supplement store, Ada Street Discount Supplements, we have spent years in the lab developing a world-class and unparalleled range of supplements. Our products are designed to fuel your body with natural, cutting-edge, and clinically proven ingredients that are made under strict quality-controlled environments to meet government and sports industry standards.

At UM Sports, we believe in providing premium sports supplements that make a real difference. Our range includes the best protein powder made from 100% grass-fed NZ Fonterra Whey - one of the highest quality sources available. We also use natural sweeteners, and ensure all our products are gluten-free and calorie-friendly when possible.

We take transparency seriously and believe in providing our customers with comprehensively researched products that are competitively priced. Our supplements are Australian made and meet the standards set by the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) and World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

Our Nutritionist and Operations Manager, Stephen Brumwell, oversees our product development to ensure that we deliver formulas that are better than, or unlike any other on the market. So, whether you're an active lifestyle enthusiast, athlete, or bodybuilder, you can trust UM Sports Supplements Australia to enhance your health and performance. View our full range of premium sports supplements today!