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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most recently asked questions about our brand. If any of our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) don't provide an answer, please reach out to our customer service team at


UM is constantly seeking opportunities to grow, and we felt our previous label was limiting our reach and growth potential. Moving into 2022, UM began a face lift on most of our product lines, and this new look was imperative towards growing into a bigger, better and more holistic wellness sports brand.

We're still the same company, just bigger and better! The UM in UM Sports still stands for Urban Muscle, as we wanted to acknowledge the story of Urban Muscle when it was first established back in 2006. The new brand name allows us to extend our reach outside of the bodybuilding industry, and introduce UM to the larger health, fitness and wellbeing industry.

We had a major re-brand, re-design of labels, re-formulation and endless sampling, this just simply took a lot of time. UM wanted to ensure that the correct ratio of the sweater was added to each product. This required quite a lot of taste testing of each formula, until the UM team felt satisfied.

It didn't help either that we encountered some protein and supply shortages along the way, so it all just took longer than initially expected.

We are definitely looking at bringing them back, including the Platinum 4kg. Unfortunately, we don't have an ETA, but you can buy 2 x 2kg Platinum tubs at the same price of our 4kg price.

UM will be moving from 4kg buckets to bags, as this is a more sustainable and environmentally friendly option, and will also keep us price competitive.

No, the UM Sports bundles are exclusive to our website and through-out Black Friday 4 day sale only! (and some of the bundles are almost 40% OFF!)


To be honest, not much at all. We've made a few tweaks here and there, but most of our overall formulas have stayed the same and still use premium grass fed fonterra whey. 

One major change we did do is switch to natural sweeteners. UM is known for their finest quality ingredients that helps maximise any goals, as more scientific research emerges around the health concerns of sucrose, we felt this change would create a better overall product for you to enjoy.  


Our Resurrect formula did change, which is noticeable by the shift in flavour. Resurrect now has Essential Amino Acids added in on top of the BCAAs and HMB, making it the ultimate growth and recovery matrix.

We do understand the flavour is a little different, but trust us, there is no other recovery formula like it on the market.

That being said, we are already looking for ways to improve on this formula, and are discussing new flavours for 2023.

HEAT should be back early next year! During our re-branding process, some formulas have taken longer than expected and raw ingredients have been more difficult to source based on our premium standards.


Unfortunately, LT4 has been discontinued, but we have plans for a new and improved LT4 which will combine many aspects of HEAT also!


UM aims at pricing supplements at an affordable price, however due to continued price increases for raw ingredients, we had to make some adjustments. The only way we would bring our prices down slightly is to compromise the quality ingredients we use, and that just simply doesn't align with the type of premium product we want to deliver.